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"This page is intended to provide you the detail you need to decide to set up a rewards site this week - no payment necessary right now. Brand it within minutes, show it off, test it, and be sure it is a good fit. Let us know if you need additional customization, we're here to help."
- Partner Team
 work with us
We are relentless in our pursuit of efficient, tech-first solutions to ensure our platform is affordable for all types of member organizations, globally, with the right amount of interface, language, currency, integration, and reporting options.

New to merchant funded loyalty, or want to get a better result while spending a LOT less?

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Custom UI Your logo and color scheme, or your template.
Prospect & Market Auto email your members to join and return.
Member Support Included Integrated support means we fix issues fast!
 do we do
We help membership organizations earn their members' loyalty by offering meaningful rewards in the form of cash, points, donations, or miles.

Our white label merchant funded loyalty platform facilitates your members' retailer discovery, purchase tracking, redemption, communication, and promotion.
Quick Setup Launch within minutes, then customize to match your brand.
Market Your Site/Page User your subdomain or include the marketplace as content in your page.
Schedule Reports Receive relevant data when you want, or via API/SFTP.
 does it work
Once live, on our domain or yours (sub-domain or iFrame), your members will sign up/in via email or SSO to find offers at thousands of merchants, shown in cash, points, donations, or miles based on their region's currency and your split settings.

When members click through the provided links, the merchant pays us a commission, and we apply your splits and pay out monthly to you or your members if you opt for us to handle redemption.

Our optional browser extension helps remind members about savings and rewards opportunities.
Your Branded Marketplace Your domain, logo, colors, etc for a consistent brand look/feel.
Email/Pass or SSO Use your Single Sign On or have members create an account.
Browser Extension Members love being alerted to rewards opportunities when they search or browse merchants.
 to match your brand
Maintaining your branding is crucial for your members to trust the loyalty experience, and we have lots of settings available to match your logo, colors, borders, font, etc.

Most sites do not need custom development, typically for templates or additional capabilities, but if you do, we're here to help make your vision a reality.
 in minutes/days
We believe that member loyalty is an opportunity best realized by strong partnerships, preferably using your branding wherever possible while minimizing your developer workload.

At every step we strive to eliminate needless complexity and extraneous details, so that you can get up and running in just a couple of minutes.

We offer several brand and data integration options, such as CNAME, iFrame, SSO, and data APIs. Please let us know if you require customization, whether that is in our interfaces, reports, APIs, etc.
CNAME Your Sub-Domain Use your domain to maintain your branding.
Single Sign-On Help members access the marketplace, without having to create new credentials.
Sync Data via API Sync member transactions for your records, or to also display them in your member account area.
 is prioritized
We believe transparency is the best way to achieve regulatory compliance, such as CCPA and GDPR.

Consumer's have access to review and anonymize their history, and we also provide an API so that you can programmatically instruct the platform to schedule a consumer's data to be anonymized whenever they initiate the process with you.
 right now

Go ahead and create your marketplace. We will be in touch soon to discuss pricing and next steps.

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